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Windows Mobile OS vs. Android OS: which one wins the battle?

With the release of the new Android operating system, a debate arose as to which is better Windows Mobile OS or the Android since, for example, HTC Eris (Android) and HTC Imagio(Windows) from Verizon are the exact same device. Let’s take a close look and pluses and minuses of both before making a decision.

What can’t Android do that Windows Mobile can? 

1.       The Android operating system does not feature Office Mobile meaning that Microsoft Office documents are not supported on the Android (unlike the iPhone where the view feature is built in). You can download third party software such as Documents To Go that enables you to use Word and Excel viewers for all Android devices. However, if you want full functionality you will need to pay $29.99. 
2.       Don’t be fooled by the apps store, the Android has very few applications available through Android Market for the platform. 
3.       While, the Android features an exchange client, the ability to search your server for email is not supported and will prove to be a deal breaker for the business user. 
4.       Appointment status is not supported.
5.       Task syncing is not supported. If you need to use this feature, you will need to look at Windows Mobile.
6.       The only calendar view available is monthly. There is no option to switch weekly making it very hard to see much of anything. 
What can’t Windows Mobile do that Android OS can? 
1.       The Android features the ability to view email by conversation (the Windows Mobile OS enables you to view SMS messages by conversation), just like Gmail in a web browser. The second tab on the bottom toolbar is the Conversation filter that puts emails into an easy to read conversation/threaded view.
2.       Calendar synchronization is integrated into the default calendar allowing you to see Exchange appointments alongside your Google calendar, very silimar to Palm’s Web OS with Synergy.
Overall, the Android OS has is an overwhelmingly inferior operating system. I would recommend against purchasing an Android device since the OS lacks the nice features of the iPhone such as iTunes or the App Store and does not offer any of the feature of the Windows Mobile leaving the user with not much of anything in the middle.