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Windows Live Writer For Bloggers

Anybody looking for a simple way to keep track of blogs or an easy interface that gives a fresh, clean and professional look to their blog can look no further. Windows Live Writer provides a simple to use program with a clear-cut and stream-lined interface.

With Windows Live Writer, users can insert pictures and videos with style and flare. Options like adding borders and resizing images and videos takes customization to a new level while making it easy to do. If you're looking for a way to keep photos together on your blog, Writer will allow you to place them all in an online folder for archiving.

For those who just like to experiment with their programs, Writer provides several plug-ins ranging from inserting Facebook, Flickr and other website's stuff to other plug-ins that can enhance the ability to blog like a pro.

Windows Live Writer is definitely a sleek and simple program with a variety of functions. Definitely for a wide group ranging from the beginners to the advanced bloggers.


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