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Windows 9 slated for April 2015 release

Windows 9 in April 2015
Windows 9 in April 2015

With the underwhelming Windows 8 OS now approaching 3 years old, Microsoft has announced that the initial first quarter 2015 Windows 8 updates, codenamed “Threshold”, will now become a completely new operating platform succeeding Windows 8 altogether. Microsoft mentioned that their will, in fact, be a free Windows 8.2 update for Windows 8 owners alongside the release date of the Windows 9 OS, but have decided to make the move from Windows 8 earlier than expected.

As of now, not much else is known about the new Windows besides the announced release date. Rumors across the internet have stated that the next iteration of windows will be much more user friendly with both classic mouse/keyboard users and touchscreen devices as well as introducing a completely revamped interface from the previous “Metro”. It’s also heavily rumored that Windows 9 will intricately sync to a plethora of other windows gadgets including Windows PC's, phones, tablets, and Xbox One consoles to create a “One Microsoft” across all current Microsoft devices.

The question is, will the new Windows live up to the hype? Historically, the run-on joke is that every other Microsoft OS has been seen as a “good” release which actually happens to be quite truthful. If this is the case, we might just be in for another good one this time around. Only time will tell if Windows 9 will be a worthy upgrade.

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