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Windows 9 panic overblown and Microsoft Surface 3 just a rumor

Wild speculation abounds on the Windows 9 operating system and the next generation Microsoft Surface 3 tablets.

Although Microsoft has made no official announcement, many sources are speculating that the next generation of the Windows operating system will be unveiled at the Microsoft Build Conference in April with a projected release date of April 2015.

Windows 9 panic overblown

Many people have jumped on the hate Windows 8 bandwagon, and are proclaiming the announcement of Windows 9, as a sign of failure for Windows 8.

Channelnomics, a research organization that does analysis of technology practices and partner relationships in the global IT reseller channel, doesn't see the projected release date of Windows 9 as any sign of panic.

According to Channelnomics, an analysis of past trends of the Microsoft Windows operating system shows that the release of Windows 9 "looks more like plan than panic"

"If time is the measure of urgency, Microsoft raced Windows 7 to market to rescue the franchise from the plunge of Windows Vista. Windows 8 and Windows 9, based on this history, will come right on time in the modern Windows era."

Many individual users flock to social media and blogs to share personal experiences on how Windows 8 does not work for them. The problem most people have with any technology device is that they want a one size fits all answer to what they should buy. That never works.

As we previously addressed the topic, not everyone loves to hate Microsoft Windows 8.

Microsoft Surface 3 rumors

A few technology articles and blogs have thrown up a headline that the Surface Pro 3 is coming soon.

No credible sources have made any mention of the Surface 3. Articles often reference the infamous "unnamed source" or comments made by a Twitter account of an unverified Microsoft insider.

Most people in the technology industry would agree that in a normal cycle of product releases a new Surface Pro 3 line would follow a release of Windows 9, much like the initial Surface series followed Windows 8, and the release of Windows 8.1 was followed by the Surface 2 tablet series. Beyond that, any specifics about Microsoft Surface 3 tablets are mere speculation at this time.

We follow the Microsoft Surface

We go beyond just a headline to get the curiosity views, and provide zero content.

We have reported on the Surface Tablet series since their release. Most of the mainstream media articles have been less than favorable for the Surface Tablet series.

Many reviews by individuals who are not big Microsoft fans, but were pleasantly surprised by the performance of Windows 8 and the Surface Tablet series, tell the other side of the story.


Beyond buzzwords

We sort through all the blogs and articles, in search of answers to questions like,"Why all the hate for Windows 8".

If you know someone who says they hate Windows 8, please take a minute to read this, "Enough already with all the hate for Windows 8."

We constantly dig through the technology news to help put the buzzwords into simple terms, on our mission of geek speak made simple.

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