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Windows 7 launches today: Exciting promotions and freebies

As most of you know Windows 7 was launched today. The new operating system is slimmer than Vista. Something to keep in mind dear readers that the operating system is just that slimmer Vista vs. a whole new interface. The new system leaves a smaller footprint can be installed on minimal hardware such as netbooks and nettops, which was not possible with Vista. Microsoft has taken out software such as Windows Mail and Windows Movie Maker and made them free downloads.

To kick off the launch, many events and promotions are taking place across the country today. At midnight, COMPUSA held the first promotion. The first 77 customers at the door received a $77 gift card. One out of the first 77 received a free Windows 7 dual-core PC. For those of us who slept through the midnight madness, CompUSA will be randomly giving away copies of Windows 7 throughout the day.

Staples, on the other hand, is offering three different coupons. You can choose between a Staples associate installing Windows 7 for you for free, $75 off your computer purchase when you trade in any laptop or netbook, or $500 coupon book. To get the coupon here.

Office Depot is taking a different approach and is offering a lot of free software with the purchase of the operating system including a large variety of antivirus software such as AVG's Internet Security Suite (reg. price $69.99). Titles are offered on a pay up-front or mail-in-rebate basis worth $940 for upgrade users and $740 for new users. For a full list of software for the promotion click here.