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Window treatments 101: How to choose the right look for your home


Balloon roman shades in dining - Katharine D. Interiors

Draperies, romans, swags, oh my!  Choosing a window treatment can be an overwhelming task.  Below are some simple tips to consider when planning your next window treatment project.

Know your needs

Different windows serve different functions. Some windows frame picturesque views, others provide subtle light, and a few are just down right too open.

It is important to outline what you want and need in a window treatment style.  Whether it's a blackout roman shade that you can raise in the morning and lower at night, or light-filtering sheers, determine how you want your window treatments to work for you.

Drapery can also be combined with blinds

Know your options

There are many options of window treatments to choose from and almost any product can be modified to fit your design style.  Drapery panels can add softness to a window.  However, if you prefer a more structured look, shutters, blinds or various shade products might suit you better. 

Top treatments may include swags for a more traditional look and cornice boards for a more modern feel.  Note, in the wild world of window treatments, you can mix and match products too.  Draperies can be combined with shutters, blinds, roman shades, etc.   


Decorative trim can add an elegant touch 

Add some personality

Don't be afraid to personalize your window treatments.  If you love animal prints, go ahead, add a subtle touch of jungle to your treatment in a form of a band or trim.   Full-length drapery panels or large roman shades in bold animal prints may be a bit much, but there's no reason you can't have a little hint of panache.

At the same time, don't fret if you prefer simple linen without embellishments.  This airy fabric is always delightful enough to stand on its own.

No matter what treatment you decide on, always focus on your needs and your signature style.  After that, simply enjoy the view!



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