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Window Shopping for Earthquake Supplies

If you're a person who needs encouragement to prepare for Southern California's pending large earthquake, try window shopping at Simpler Life Emergency Provisions, Inc., in Redlands. Not only will you be guilted into stocking up, but you might be humbled out of any denial you might be in about preparing.

While you can go to, entering the hard-to-find warehouse is much more fun. What a tragedy it would be after an earthquake if neighboring businesses didn't even know about the storehouse in their midst.

You won't believe how well you can be prepared:

  • 30-year shelf life canned drinking water
  • Hands free complete toilet system in a backpack
  • A service to purchase deluxe emergency kits and supplies via payroll deduction so you can spread your payments over time.
  • Deluxe five and 10 person 3-day disaster kits
  • A 4 in 1 emergency tool
  • Deluxe Teachers Twin Recovery Packs, a backpack for general purposes and a medical fanny pack.
  • Replenishment of existing but expired supplies

Bob and Crystal Snedaker are your happy hosts, ready to boost your level of interest in preparing for a disaster.

Enthusiasm for the topic of preparing is critical. Its highest only a day or so after a mild shake up in our area, but practically non-existent after a large quake in China. So window shopping is one way to get yourself motivated.

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