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Windermere policeman shot and killed, both teen suspects commit suicide

Robert German, 31, a Windermere, Fla., policeman, was shot and killed at approximately 4 a.m. on March 22, 2014. A duo of male and female suspects believed to have killed German immediately took their own lives within proximity to German's body.
Windermere Police Department

A Windermere, Fla., police officer was shot and killed at approximately 4 a.m. Saturday, March 22, 2014, after he stopped to investigate two allegedly-suspicious individuals. Windermere, a small suburban-Orlando town of about 2800 residents, suffered its first-ever line-of-duty death of one of its 12 police officers. Police Officer Robert German, 31, a five-year police veteran with the Windermere Police Department, was shot and killed by a male and female teen duo.

After he transmitted his location and that he was about to make contact with two people walking the streets, Officer German's final radio transmission encompassed asking for back-up. Given that Windermere does not have its own police communications officers and its officers are dispatched by the Orange County Sheriff's Office (OCSO) in Orlando, the sheriff's dispatchers sent several deputies, one Orlando, Fla., police officer, and one Ocoee, Fla., police officer. Ocoee is Windermere's neighboring jurisdiction and thus close in proximity.

According to OCSO reports, the first two law enforcement officers to arrive on scene discovered Officer German laying on the sidewalk, suffering a gunshot wound. Concurrently, as back-up officers were assessing German's condition, they heard gunfire nearby. Per police reports, officers tactically positioned their police cruisers to shield German who lay mortally wounded. An Orange County deputy boarded German and rushed him to receive medical aid.

Police Officer Robert German died shortly thereafter at the Orlando Regional Medical Center.

Both the male and female teen suspects are believed to have committed suicide and were found within close proximity to where Officer German's body was located. The gunfire overheard by the first officers on-scene are presumably related to the suicides of both teen suspects.

Windermere police Chief David Ogden revealed that all his police officers are equipped with police body-worn audio/video cameras and that much of the still-ongoing investigation will rely on what Officer German's body-worn device recorded.

According to Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings, the Orange County Sheriff's Office Homicide Unit is handling the investigation.

Windermere police Chief Ogden said Officer German just returned from a four-month light-duty stint behind a desk after a duty-related shoulder injury was sustained.

Both shooting suspects have been identified by law enforcement authorities as Brandon Goode, 18, and Alexandria Hollinghurst, 17. Goode and Hollinghurst are suspected of allegedly shooting and killing Officer German and subsequently taking their own lives.


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