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Wind chill advisories posted once again as brutal cold grips region

Frigid Arctic air will once again take hold over the region, and last through the bulk of the coming work week. The jet stream, or steering winds in the upper levels of the atmosphere, are oriented such that a deep trough exists over the northeastern portions of the Nation, with a large and sprawling ridge over the western United States.

Unisys Tuesday Evening Satellite Picture

A bitterly cold air mass, with source regions or origin points, over the North Pole, and/or northern Canada, is thus being allowed to drift southward into the north-central and northeastern portions of the United States. Several weak systems will pass through the region intermittently through the work week, and each will help to keep the brutal cold air in place.

..Wind Chill Advisory Through 12 NOON EST Wednesday..

The Capital Region is under a Wind Chill Advisory though early afternoon tomorrow. The combination of bitterly cold air temperatures, and a northwest breeze between 10-15 MPH, will cause wind chill temperatures to dip well below zero overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. Wind chill readings are forecast to dip between 15 and 30 below zero across the Capital Region. Portions of the Schoharie Valley, and north country, as well as rural or outlying areas, may see even lower wind chill values overnight tonight.

Such temperatures can be dangerous to health and safety of both humans and pets. Even a relatively short period of exposure to such harsh conditions can lead to rapid onset of frostbite and/or hypothermia, especially if proper attire is not worn. Several layers of clothing are advisable, rather than just one bulky garment, as body heat is retained more efficiently with multiple layers. A hat, scarf, and gloves should also be worn, as the body’s extremities (fingers, toes, nose, etc.) are easily prone to frostbite if left exposed even for a short duration of time. Pets should be kept inside, out of the cold, and extent of outdoor time should be limited, and only on an as needed basis. Even pets whose fur is thick can suffer ill effects from even minimal exposure to such extreme cold.

Cold air looks to remain in place through Friday, with Wednesday night looking to be particularly cold with air temperatures potentially dipping below zero in the Capital Region.

Stay tuned for later statements on the frigid cold, and for official statements, please refer to the National Weather Service link below.

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