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Wind advisories and wind chill alerts: What's your city doing for the homeless?

Georgia CERT Team ready for emergency response during extreme wind chill weather.
Georgia CERT Team ready for emergency response during extreme wind chill weather.
Courtesy of WC Cert Team Member

Wind advisories and wind chill alerts dominate weather news for the state of Georgia and many other eastern states, with some cities taking serious action on behalf of the homeless in their areas who have no where to turn for shelter. In North Georgia, a Jan. 6 post on the Whitfield County CERT Facebook page reported that subfreezing temperatures are expected to continue through Wednesday. And is reporting those temperatures will dip down to as low as 6 degrees tonight.

CERT, the Community Emergency Response Team, is a national organization that seeks to add trained volunteers to the limited number of professional rescue and emergency personnel that aid our nation in times of crisis. And the volunteers who make up the Whitfield County CERT team is doing their part to aid the men, women and children who will not otherwise have adequate shelter on one of the coldest nights this region has ever seen. It is an effort worthy of national recognition and a truly humanitarian effort.

CERT teams all across the nation are reaching out in similar fashion in their communities. And it isn't too late to join with them in helping those in your midst avoid the ills that can befall someone sleeping outdoors in this kind of weather. Becoming a volunteer is easy, but while there is training involved, no one has to train you to have compassion for others in their time of need. And it is doubtful any CERT team would turn away a volunteer tonight, when so many cities and communities will need every helping hand and warm blanket they can find.

For a community response team in your area visit the FEMA website. And if your search on that site doesn't turn up such a program, the federal emergency agency offers information on how your town can begin and register an official cert team.

Learn 5 things you need to know about the record-breaking freeze in cities around the nation, courtesy of WTVM. And while the information is being provided by the station for Chicago residents, a great deal of it is pertinent to Georgia and other states as well, especially when it comes to frostbite and hypothermia.