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Winchendon child finds her puppy hanging from a tree in her backyard

Snoopy was found dead hanging by his collar from a tree in the family's backyard.

No one knows why a stranger entered the backyard of a Winchendon, Mass. family on Western Ave. early last week and wrapped a rope around the collar of their 14-week-old puppy named Snoopy, and left the defenseless little pooch hanging from a tree reported the

On Monday, the puppy's owner, Allyson Clark, tied their puppy outside near the porch for some fresh air. Twenty-five minutes later, she told her ten-year-old daughter, Katelyn, to bring the puppy back into the house. When the child went outside, she was faced with the horrible sight of Snoopy hanging from a tree; the puppy had strangled to death.

There were multiple knots tied to the dog's collar; so many the family had to take his collar off to get Snoopy down from the tree. The rope used to strangle Snoopy was from the bird feeder.

The Clarks live at the end of a street with woods behind them; neighbors have reported seeing a man going in and out of the family's yard, but thought the man was Allyson's son. Cigarette butts were found in the yard; no one in Allyson's family smokes.

The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Winchendon Township Police Department are investigating the cruel crime.

According to, the Clarks are devastated over the loss of their puppy with Allyson Clark stating:

"He's a part of us. We loved him. He has a family that loves him and somebody came out and killed him and they are a murderer."

Even though the Clarks have an alarm system, they are very concerned about their safety and are now considering installing video cameras.

The family is offering a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the culprit who killed Snoopy. If you have any information about this terrible crime, please call the Winchendon Police Department at (978)-297-1212.

Rest in peace Snoopy.

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