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Win a chance to shoot guns with Timothy Olyphant of 'Justified'

"Justified" has been a huge hit with fans and critics alike, and now fans have a chance to win the opportunity to shoot guns with the show's star, Timothy Olyphant, for a charity fundraiser. The series posted a video on their Facebook DVD page Monday of Olyphant giving the top ten reasons to donate for a chance to win this unusual prize.

Timothy Olyphant YOu can win a chance to shoot guns with "Justified's" Timothy Olyphant.
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

True to form, the list was done with tongue firmly planted in cheek. Would you expect anything else from Olyphant, who insists the show is a comedy and he'd like to take the humor even farther?

Among the reasons in the list, Olyphant first said the winner would get to wear his hat, then turned off camera and said that wasn't going to happen. He then edited that statement to "you might get to wear the hat."

He also noted his co-stars in a couple of list items. Or, in the case of Walton Goggins -- who plays his nemesis Boyd Crowder -- his hair, to be precise. The actor also mentioned Nick Searcy, who plays his boss on the show and with whom he is on less than stellar terms in the series at the moment. The two seem to like to jab at each other in real life, and Olyphant didn't let the opportunity to take a quick shot slip by.

"Number 8, we'll do something fun -- you and me, together -- to piss off Nick Searcy. He's very cute when he gets mad."

Olyphant also gave props to the catering, where they have all-you can eat ice cream and nine kinds of bourbon, and to put it in the simplest terms, "I'm Raylan [expletive] Givens."

What more reason do you need?

Check out the full video and visit the Omaze site for a chance to win.

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