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Willow Smith photo: 13-year-old shocks with photo in bed with older man

Willow Smith
Willow Smith fan on Instagram

Willow Smith shocked everyone with a photo of her in bed with an older man. She is only 13-years-old and this is not the kind of photo her fans expected to see. On Thursday, E! Online shared about this new picture and what fans have to say about it. They are not impressed. Willow is known for the television show "True Jackson, VP" and also as the daughter of Will Smith.

Willow chose to post this picture for the world to see and didn't keep it a secret. She is posing with Moises Arias. He is a 20-year-old actor who was on the hit show "Hannah Montana" and played the character Rico. This picture looks harmless and she has her clothes on but she is such a young girl. He is not wearing a shirt at all in the photo.

She is an actress and a public figure. If she wanted to keep this picture a secret, then she should have not have let it get out there for the world to see. Moises shared it on his blog along with photos of her brother Jaden as well. He was even in the bed in one picture but it was just him by himself.

It is hard to know who you think will be a good role model for your child. Willow Smith is making parents question if they want their kids looking up to her with this photo. It could be just a bit too much.

CBS News shared that Moises decided to delete this photo. He was getting a lot of negative comments from fans and must have thought it was just too much so he took it down off of his Instagram. That didn't stop everyone from getting the photo before it was taken down though so it was a little too late.

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