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Willow Smith investigation: Smiths get further investigated by authorities

The Willow Smith investigation is getting further examined over a photo that the 13-year-old was seen in posing with her friend, Moises Arias, 20. RadarOnline reports May 23 that Arias is under no obligation to talk with Child Protective Services, but they would like to interview him just to get an idea of what kind of adult supervision Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith give their children.

A photo of Willow laying on the same bed as Moises a few weeks ago drew a huge outcry of controversy after it was posted on Instagram. The image seemed innocent enough -- and it probably was -- but given the fact Willow is a minor, it doesn't look too good.

Willow and her parents have been questioned two different times by social workers. Willow was interviewed the first time with her parents and the second time alone.

Social workers aren't blaming Arias for anything and he's not under any serious scrutiny. CPS just wants a full account of the story behind the picture. According to the source who spoke with Radar, this is all standard procedure for all parties involved.

This case will remain open another few weeks, the insider added. Child Protective Services is under obligation to fully investigate anything remotely questionable when it comes to celebrity children -- especially due to the public's ever-present glare. If something went awry with Willow Smith or any other Hollywood kids, the department would be in big trouble.

Hollywood Life also wrote on this story with the same supporting source. Now that the Smith are being investigated, the media is focusing strongly on new developments on all fronts. What will come of the Willow Smith investigation when it's all said and done?

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