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Willie Robertson of 'Duck Dynasty' is a big tipper

Somebody left a $5,000 tip after a late-night dinner in Washington, D.C. following the State of the Union address. According to a Feb. 12 article on TMZ, it was Willie Robertson from "Duck Dynasty."

Did Willie Robertson leave a $5,000. tip?
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

Robertson and his wife, Korie, were dining with Sean Hannity, Newt and Callista Gingrich, Mark Levin, and Ted Cruz at Ruth Crist Steakhouse in Washington. They had lingered until 2 a.m., three hours past closing, and ran up a $5,000. bill. The two servers received a 100% tip between them.

There has been some confusion as to who picked up the tab and left the generous tip. Another media outlet, Media Bistro, reported that the big tipper was Sean Hannity. Hannity regularly promotes Ruth Crist Steakhouse on his show, and he also worked in restaurants when he was younger and knows how hard servers work.

It remains to be seen who the big spender really turns out to be.

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