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Willie Robertson for President? ‘Duck Dynasty’ selfies more popular than Obama

Duck Dynasty cast member selfies more popular than President Obama
Duck Dynasty cast member selfies more popular than President Obama
Lindsey Graham/Instagram

Willie Robertson might be considering politics after the warm welcome he received at the State of the Union address on Tuesday night. The popular cast member of Duck Dynasty has people who watched his show wanting pictures, but these fans weren't typical. According to ABC News on Wednesday, Robertson has many lawmakers wanting a selfie picture with the star to post online and show people back home in their districts.

Perhaps Willie Robertson is considering a run for office? The Duck Dynasty cast member was the guest of Rep. Vance McAllister from Louisiana and he posed for a picture with McAllister first then a number of other influential policy makers in Washington.

This isn't the first time the celebrity has been seen in Washington mingling with politicians and some rumors of the star looking at running for office have surfaced. Willie Robertson for President? Well, it might sound a little bit ridiculous now, but in four or five years it’s possible.

The path of Willie Robertson could be a similar path that Ronald Reagan took as he started his political career with help from Hollywood. Reagan slowly eased into politics after his career in the movies and before the country knew it, he was President of the United States.

Willie Robertson might be busy running Duck Commander at the moment, but keep an eye on his political ambitions. A star who can take more selfies with American lawmakers than the President in one night has a real possibility to being elected into office.