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'William Tell Overture' gets a metal revamp

Pictures from the music video for "William Tell Overture" and a few promo pictures, too.
Pictures from the music video for "William Tell Overture" and a few promo pictures, too.
©The Great Kat with permission

What's new with heavy metal's favorite speed shredding goddess? The Great Kat released a music video for her version of Rossini's “William Tell Overture.” She was inspired by the story of how the famous archer defied an order to pay homage to a hat. He was arrested and had to make a difficult shot. You should all know this famous challenge. He had to hit an apple resting on his son's head. It's a story of rebellion.

For many of us, Rossini's version of the song reminds us of horses galloping, because of its usage in “The Lone Ranger.” Others may associate it with Disney or other cartoon parodies. While dramatic in it's own right, sped up makes you truly envision a battle.

As for the visuals of the music video, The Great Kat wears 3 different outfits, just like she figuratively wears many hats (with music). She plays both the guitar and the violin (usually at 300 BPM), transcribes classical music for a modern twist and dominates her fans. She starts out looking like a scantily clad conductress, complete with a bow tie and baton. She switches back and forth between her violin and her white guitar, accompanied by backup players in their tuxes. Her second outfit involves her usual pleather attire with a mask, chains and her black guitar. She even finds time during her furious shredding to use her whip. Again, she has men behind her for back-up, also with masks. Her final outfit is meant to look Swiss or Austrian with her violin. It pairs well with the scenes emulating William Tell, which looks like Robin Hood to the untrained eye.

The Great Kat loves to entertain and uses showmanship antics, the likes of which, may be compared to Jimi Hendrix. She licks the guitar and pulls it up over her head and behind her back. If this description intrigues you, you can preview a portion of the music video on iTunes and make your purchase accordingly.

On a side note, famous youtuber, Eric Calderone (known as 331Erock) also has a metal version of the William Tell Overture Finale. He calls it “The Lone Ranger Meets Metal.” Who does it better? We want to know your opinion.