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William Shatner wheelchair: Comic-Com favorite has 'lower' perspective of event

William Shatner rolls into Comic-Con in a wheelchair after a horse accident hurt his leg.
Wikimedia Commons

When the infallible Captain Kirk shows up at Comic-Com in a wheelchair he gets noticed. While William Shatner, the original Kirk, turned heads, the wheelchair wasn’t a ploy for attention, it was for a man who was in a lot of pain, according to NewsMax on July 28.

When asked about the wheelchair as Shatner’s latest accessory, he didn’t offer up anything exotic, he told the folks at Comic-Con that he fell off a horse. He did make sure to tell everyone that the horse “got away scot-free."

Shatner did a good job injuring himself saying that the horse “wrecked my leg”. He also reported that he was in a lot of pain and that is why he needed the wheelchair to get around.

The number one Captain Kirk was not going to miss Comic-Con. He put on his best game face and slipped into the wheelchair and rolled right in for all the festivities. He did say he expects to be fine in a couple of days.

As Discover reports “a broken leg doesn’t deter Captain Kirk.” They also report that Kirk was clearly in pain, but it didn’t stop his sense of humor. When asked if he got a different perspective on Comic-Com in a wheelchair, he quipped, “Yes, a lower one.”

While he may have been hurting from this injury, Shatner hasn't been silenced from the pain in the past week. He took to Facebook with a rant about a new Mention App for celebrities.

He found a flaw with the new app that didn’t sit well with him. The first thing it did was dictate who he should follow. He was insulted when the app came up with his “long-time frenemy” George Takei from his “Star Trek” days. He didn’t like that idea and that put the app on the wrong side of the tracks for Shatner.

Shatner said if the app is for celebrities to follow celebrities why would you force them to follow a celebrity that the app chooses for you? He said that he picked Robert Downy Jr. to follow, but he hid his posts on that one.

What folks got to find out about Shatner after his “Star Trek” days was that he had quite the sense of humor. He has shown this in his commercials and the various other venues he has appeared in since he left his “beam me up Scotty” days behind.

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