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William Shatner to star in TV version of "Sh*t My Dad Says"

Jotting down the musings of his 74-year-old father has taken Justin Halpern from obscure Twitter user to bestselling author.

And now the 29-year-old Halpern has landed a sitcom deal.  

William Shatner will play the role of Halpern's father in a fall sitcom on CBS called "Sh*t My Dad Says," which is the same name as Halpern's Twitter feed and bestselling book.

The show will air at 8:30 p.m. Eastern time Thursday nights this fall starting Sept. 23. See the video below for a preview.

Halpern's rise to fame started when he began Tweeting the harsh but funny comments of his father. It caught on, and he now has about 1.6 million followers on Twitter.

Halpern's book based on the Tweets has also consistently been atop various bestseller lists over the past few months. It remains to be seen whether the TV version fares just as well.