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William Shatner reminds fans of ventilation on Monday: ‘It's National Bean Day’

William Shatner has a wicked sense of humor and he doesn’t mind sharing it. On Sunday, the entertainer let fans know that when they get to work or school on Monday, they should be in an area with plenty of ventilation. Want to know why? Well, it’s National Bean Day. While it’s not one of the holidays where the banks and post office are closed, it could be a disastrous celebration if someone in your area let’s one rip.

“You may want to plan tomorrow's celebration in an area where there's plenty of ventilation. It's National Bean Day!” tweeted William Shatner from his official Twitter account. Checking it twice, it was the confirmed account and it definitely was a message directly from the star. Fans are laughing at the thought of the serious warning.

According to the National Day Calendar, this is a real holiday. It’s where green, red, kidney, lima, soy and other types of beans are recognized every year on January 6. This year, the day happened to fall on a Monday, making everyone going to work a little nervous as half of the United States is keeping the windows closed with the deep freeze. Some people in the USA will be struggling with this dilemma!

Celebrate National Bean Day the best way possible. Pick up a can of your favorite beans and enjoy! Just keep William Shatner’s advice in mind because if he is right about the beans it could be that he is right on his predictions for the Super Bowl. Shatner is a very wise man, even though he is an actor!

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