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William Shatner pens letter to real life Captain Kirk

William Shatner writes letter to real life Captain Kirk.
Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

William Shatner is best known to sci-fi fans as Captain James T. Kirk. "Star Trek" and his role came long before Priceline. Being a spokesperson for that site is probably his second best known role these days. Did you know that there is a real life James Kirk though? There is, and he is now the Captain of a new U.S. Navy ship. On April 14, The Inquistr reported that Shatner had taken the time to write a letter to the real life Captain Kirk.

Captain James Kirk is in charge of the USS Zumwalt. No, the ship is not called the Enterprise, but some might joke about that on board when they learn the name of the man at the helm. Shatner did make the surprising move to write the letter, and he apologized to the captain and his crew for not attending the commissioning of the new vessel. He also wished them all a safe journey from himself and his wife.

It is not known if the real life Captain Kirk was named after the fictional character, but it is possible that his parents were fans of "Star Trek." Shatner has been known as the main actor to play the role since the series arrived on television in 1966. He last appeared in the role on the big screen in "Star Trek Generations." Fans saw Kirk help Jean Luc Picard of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" take on a villain.

These days, Shatner is not only busy with Priceline, but he has also taken on theater work. He had a one-man show on Broadway in 2012, and that show will soon be seen on the big screen. The actor does have some concerns about the film version of his show performing well, and he expressed this concerns on his Twitter account. Fans will be able to see "Shatner's World" in select movie theaters later this month.

What do you think of Shatner writing his letter to the real life James Kirk? How do you think the man responded to the letter by the television legend? Would you ever write such a letter yourself?

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