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William Owens: "Anti-Christian" Obama wants to destroy the church

"Pastor" William Owens
"Pastor" William Owens
Fox Video

On February 26th, 2014, the same day Janet Mefferd entertained Scott Lively when he insisted that a revolution is needed to stop a Satanic conspiracy theory to turn the entire planet gay, she also entertained pastor William Owens as he accused President Obama of being "anti-Christian" and plotting to destroy the church.

"We elected the wrong black president," said Owens. "His strategy was, 'If I get the Catholic Church, I can get all the churches because of their size; let's knock them off, we'll get all of them.' He's anti-Christian, he stands up for no Christian values whatsoever."

Back in reality, however, Obama has constantly gone out of his way to accommodate religious opinions and values, with the only thing he has consistently failed to defend whatsoever being the practice of American theocracy.

Ever undeterred by the burdens of reality, Owen continued that he is only refraining from calling for Obama's impeachment because he wants the president to leave a legacy of backing marriage equality and being the worst president ever.

"Since he took this bold position and he wants to leave a legacy, we're gonna' see that he does leave a legacy, that he does leave the legacy that he did more to demoralize this country than anybody, any president, any administration since I've been here and I'm seventy-five years old."

So apparently, when previous presidents of the last seventy-five years dropped two atomic bombs, used federal resources to sabotage his political opponents, sold arms to Iran and invaded the wrong country, Owens must have just shrugged it all off and took comfort in the fact that at least gay people weren't being treated like human beings.

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