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William Hung married: 2004 'American Idol' reject is now married

William Hung
Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images

William Hung is married! The American Idol reject from Season 3 (in 2004!) married Jian Teng, 31, in California in June. According to PopCrush, Hung -- who became "famous" for his rendition of Ricky Martin's She Bangs -- is overjoyed to be a married man. "She’s a fantastic wife and I’m glad to have somebody to support me," he said.

Hung had one of the worst American Idol auditions ever, so bad that he became really well-known, and even released a single... yes, a music single. And that's not all. Hung got tons of attention, likely because he was very humble and sweet. He did interviews on Ellen and Letterman and ran with a music career that he never thought he'd be afforded. Hung released not one, not two, but three music albums. Inspiration, Miracle: Happy Summer From William Hung, and a holiday album titled Hung for the Holidays put Hung way past the hopeful phase of a hungry singer. He actually made it. Kind of.

And now, William Hung is married, and his name is back in the news. Perhaps it's because people didn't expect Hung to get married -- but it's kind of nice to hear. While his singing might not be on point, he does seem like a really nice guy. And nice guys totally deserve to have love in their lives, right?

Interestingly enough (but not all that surprising), Hung is working as an administrative assistant for the L.A. County Department of Public Health. That's right, he's not singing. While he may still have another album in him, Hung doesn't seem to be obsessed with being famous. He sort of just did his thing and disappeared -- again suggesting that his American Idol audition was authentic.

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