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William Gheen isn't racist, just wants to preserve white rule

William Gheen
William Gheen

It should not be any surprise that William Gheen of Americans for Legal Immigration, the man who threatened a violent revolution over immigration reform, has a very narrow definition of what qualifies as racism.

As far as Gheen is concerned, it isn't racist to want to preserve America's status quo of being "predominately governed by people of European descendancy."

"Anybody that dares say anything that they don’t like is going to get a label applied to them – sexist, racist, homophobic, anything like that," Gheen complained to Idaho radio host Kevin Miller. "Because the name of their game is that since America has been traditionally a center-right nation for 200 years, has been predominately governed by people of European descendancy and Christian, different denominations of Christianity and deist backgrounds, they're trying to knock that down. So they're looking for any way to create division among any group.

"You've seen it escalate, I believe, under the Obama administration, an increased tension between white, black and Hispanic; between straight and gay; between male and female; between young and old. Any differences between Americans that they can exploit and accentuate and increase, they don’t miss an opportunity to do it."

Despite having tried to pin the division on Obama (as if he has the option of no longer being black), Gheen proceeded to reiterate his claim that immigration amounts to an "invasion."

Apparently, in Gheen's opinion, that doesn't make him racist either.

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