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William Gheen: Immigration reform is "national rape"

William Gheen
William Gheen

Last week, William Gheen of the Americans of Legal Immigration Political Action Committee (ALIPAC) spoke to Jim Schneider of VCY America once again lashed out at all efforts to reform America's immigration system.

Gheen, who had previously threatened violent revolution over immigration reform, recommended that the government treat undocumented immigrants the same way a doctor would treat a cancerous tumor.

"We believe that the first thing we do is like when somebody has cancer," said Gheen. "Not to dehumanize illegal immigrants, but a lot of times doctors will start to shrink the tumor before they start operating. So we need to shrink the tumor. We need to make it to a point where people start leaving the country and they go back to Mexico and they go back to Brazil and they say 'you know what, I tried to break into the United States like all the other guys did, but I couldn't get a job, I couldn't get a license, I couldn't get food stamps, so I came back.' That is what turns off the flow."

Gheen also agreed with a caller who said all undocumented immigrants should be rounded up and thrown into a prison camp.

Yet even that was evidently not outrageous enough for Gheen. Later, he insisted that immigration reform represents a "national rape."

"The truth, in my opinion after studying this for nine years," said Gheen, "is that the purpose of the amnesty is to permanently destroy the borders of the United States, to permanently destroy the type of, what they would call, Nativist or nationalistic tendency for us to want to have borders and to protect those borders or for the American public and American workers and American taxpayers to have any say on the numbers of people that are coming into the country or what role they will have.

"I call it a national rape, and I'm not being flippant about that. I really see it as that."

Gheen may feel that way because of his desire to preserve white rule in America (but that doesn't make him racist).

Gheen proceeded with the usual warnings of "20 million illegal immigrants voting in elections, backed up by the next 10-20 million that are going to pour through our ripped-open borders right after that," resulting in "traditional Americans, like those that have been here for hundreds of years in descendancy, will no longer govern our own nation," just in case his white nationalism was not obvious enough already.

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