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William and Kate Middleton honor D-Day vets, Duchess pregnant rumors forgotten

Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton took a special trip to Normandy this week in order to honor the veterans of D-Day and their sacrifice. Christian Post reports this Friday, June 6, 2014, that today marks the 70th anniversary of the historic event, D-Day, and the British royal family was joined by such political figures as President Obama and Vladimir Putin while paying tribute to the fallen soldiers. Although a Bild photo scandal and rumors surrounding Kate Middleton pregnant again have reigned in recent weeks, the drama was forgotten today in recognition of the solemn occasion.

Prince William and Kate Middleton honor the D-Day vets
Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Americans from across the U.S. nation honor our D-Day veterans on this 70th anniversary of the momentous storming of the French beaches, and the U.K.’s own William and Kate were among them. President Obama was heard by thousands as he spoke of the spirit and sacrifice made by our World War II soldiers — both veterans and those who lost their lives — noting that they are all in “good hands.”

The British queen Elizabeth stood harmoniously alongside Prime Minister David Cameron, French President Francois Hollande, Angela Merkel of Germany, Canada’s very own Stephen Harper, and finally current Russian leader Vladimir Putin. With Prince William and Duchess Kate in presence, President Obama reminded everyone in attendance of the great “peril” of this day, 70 years ago.

"Here, we don't just commemorate victory, as proud of that victory as we are; we don't just honor sacrifice, as grateful as the world is; we come to remember why America and our allies gave so much for the survival of liberty at this moment of maximum peril," Obama said during a moving speech for the honored veterans."

Kate Middleton has surfaced in celebrity news frequently after her major wardrobe malfunction — already being cited as the Bild photo scandal — involving her bare bum hit the Web last month. Yet the focus today was rightfully on the classiness of the British royal figure alongside her husband as they paid their respects to the vets. News of having Duchess Kate pregnant again has also been forgotten and fallen to the wayside, adds the press release.

Beauty World News also notes that Prince William took a moment to offer a public address in memory of all those people who gave their lives on both sides of the major world war. Getting a little emotional, William said in his own speech:

"They gave up everything for our freedom," he said. "They lie now together in the beautifully kept cemeteries that lie on the coast… However, today is also about the young. It is vital that this sacrifice, and the reasons for this sacrifice, are never forgotten.”

This point of focusing on the importance of D-Day being remembered among the youth of our countries is equally important to the past, it seems. And in this rare display of unity among our world leaders, perhaps it is the reminder of these brave men and women — as well as the veterans’ service and sacrifice — that we need to reflect on most today.

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