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Willard Scott gets married at 80; 'Today' show star weds longtime girlfriend

Willard Scott gets married
Willard Scott gets married
Willard Scott/Today show

Willard Scott married Paris Keena in Fort Myers, Florida on Tuesday and the Today Show fans couldn't be happier for him. The news was revealed on Wednesday morning during the show and fans who found out were surprised that the 80-year-old decided to tie the knot. According to the Today Show on Wednesday, this special moment was a long time in the making. The two lovebirds first met in 1977, when Paris worked for NBC's Washington affiliate, WRC. Apparently they took their time to decide to marry and both looked happy with the decision as the couple has been together for 11 years.

Willard Scott is still one of the biggest stars that ever walked on the stage of the Today Show. The man knew how to make people laugh, give the weather and the birthday wishes given to viewers were felt around the country. Even after retiring from the show he still keeps in touch and news like his wedding spread like wildfire on social media.

The former weatherman is also known for being the first Ronald McDonald clown. The man would be dressed up and talking to the kids (and adults) on camera giving a soft pitch for the company. While Ronald McDonald has gone on to take another form, people still remember Willard Scott’s first look as the clown.

The happiness in Willard Scott’s life warms the hearts of the fans around the country. Everyone wants to congratulate the couple and wish them many happy years together.