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Will Snyder's Superman ditch Lois Lane for Wonder Woman?

The status quo
DC Comics

Now that everything is official and the world will finally receive a Justice League movie, we can begin to speculate about the dramas in not only the Batman vs. Superman film, but future DC cinematic films. It's no secret that DC and Marvel have been exerting tremendous efforts to push their new line of continuity onto their film and television adaptions. The Marvel films have sought to their Ultimate universe line for inspiration for character development. While films such as Iron Man 3 and The Winter Soldier have used stories from their main universe as inspiration, characters such as Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury are clearly Ultimate universe influenced.

Now that Warner Brothers and DC comics are immersing themselves in shared continuity for their feature films, they will face a similar daunting task. We know for a fact that Cyborg will be in Batman vs. Superman. Ray Fisher was cast last week to play the role in which we assume will carry over to Justice League. Cyborg was a longstanding and prominent member of the Teen Titans pre-New 52. He has now in current canon become a founding member of the Justice League. With his inclusion into the DC cinematic universe films, we can come to the conclusion that this team of heroes will be based on the New 52.

So where does this leave Superman's love life? Superman and Lois Lane have shared their names in the same sentence for decades until DC decided it was time to move towards another direction, or woman in this case. New 52 canon has an orphaned Clark Kent romantically involved with Justice League teammate Diana Prince. Earlier in the Justice League run, acclaimed writer of the series Geoff Johns said "This is the new status quo" when asked about the pairing. With the latest DC animated films taking place within context of the New 52, there is no reason why we can't see these relationships carry over to the the live-action adaption.

From a story standpoint, there are many reasons as to why a Clark Kent/Lois Lane relationship won't work. Unlike the comics where they had years to develop chemistry through adversity and courtship, the DC cinematic universe Kent and Lane became a couple after one catastrophic event in a short period of time. It is very possible that post-traumatic relationships are formed due to heightened senses of attraction while under the influence of dangerous situations. Is that love? Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. Superman is also a new figure to the world. That will also bring complications in his relationship with Lois. No matter how much he wants it to work out, they are of two different species. Now in flies the Amazonian princess. A woman who can hold her own against Superman's strength and has a superior warrior's mentality to his.

In many ways, DC hit the mark when they paired Superman romantically with Wonder Woman in the New 52. The power couple provides DC with many potentially interesting stories. We already know the government is worried about a super-powered being free to roam the Earth as evident in Man of Steel. Society would be horrified that a man as powerful as Superman can be with a woman as strong as Wonder Woman. They have potential to rule the world with their combined efforts. Early issues of the New 52 Justice League revolved around government regulation of the meta-human team. With the DC cinematic universe definitively grounded to seem believable in real life, the fear of super human relationships should make a great addition to these films.

Do you like the current Superman/Wonder Woman status quo and should it transfer onto the big screen?

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