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Will your wedding reflect the best of your character?


A few days ago I was watching a wedding video on-line and the officiant said to the couple at the altar: “may this celebration reflect your character." Wow! I have thought about those words for the last three days. I cannot give any better wedding planning advice than those six perfect words. For those who are preparing for the big day, take time to really look at your plans and ask yourself: “Will our wedding reflect our character?” Maybe, just maybe, you’ll find that your wedding planning has become focused more on the color of your napkins, than on the two of you celebrating your union, surrounded by those you love. I might suggest you add a few words and ask yourself another question: “Will our wedding reflect the best of our character?”

You and your guests will cherish the memory of a heartfelt ceremony so much more than a vague memory (if any) of the floral centerpieces. Your beloved will remember the letter you have had hand-delivered (just before the wedding begins) that shares your heart and why you love him/her so much; they will likely not remember anything about the accessories you wear. Your parents will never forget the last words you say to them before you walk down the aisle. Make sure they are something like “I love you and thank you”

At your reception, guests will remember how joy-filled you are or not. If you are pouting over the overdone chicken and forget that you can never get this moment back… you’ve not only ruined the celebration for yourself, but for everyone around you. It is your energy, not the chicken, that will make or break your celebration.

The frills of most weddings are nice, but the character of your celebration is what can create a heart-song for you and all those lucky enough to attend your true celebration of love. So in the midst of your wedding planning, just keep on asking yourself: “Will our wedding reflect the best of our character?” If you do this, you will have a day that all will remember with a smile on their face and joy in their heart.

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Photography courtesy of Randy Kepple


  • Elizabeth Oakes, National Wedding Examiner 5 years ago

    Fantastic!!! I wish this was required reading for every engaged couple in the nation. Thank you.

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