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Will your doctor be available in the new 2014 health plans

I haven't been able to publish lately because things have been so darned busy with inquiries about how the new health plans are going to work, how much are they, and how do I sign up for Obamacare?

Will your doctor be available?

This article yesterday caught my eye because it is a huge consideration that is NOT being talked about a lot in the media. Will you still be able to use your same doctors, go to the same hospitals, as you can with your current plan? Not necessarily,

The Covered California website was supposed to have a provider search link so you could check to see who was contracted with which health plan. I couldn't find it so I called the Agent number to ask about it, and the girl knew nothing about it. This L.A. Times article explains why it couldn't be found.

I don't mean to sound like I'm totally ragging on this new entity, but it's very important for people to know they may not have coverage for their usual doctors. A really critical piece of shopping for insurance is going to be checking available doctors and hospitals. Find a good agent who is certified to sell the Covered CA plans and you'll be able to evaluate all options.

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