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Will you fall over the fitness cliff on February 18?

It’s that time of the year when New Year’s resolutions to get in shape start falling by the wayside. In fact, according to Gold’s Gym, Tuesday, February 18 is the “official” Fitness Cliff – the biggest drop-off in health club memberships, so mark it on your calendar.

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Gold's Gym

It starts dropping off before that, of course – usually about a week earlier – and steadily decreases until the big precipice. “As February hits, and more and more time separates consumers from the healthy resolutions they made as the New Year’s ball was dropping, the motivation to get fit begins to fade away,” according to Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute Member and National Fitness Expert Jamie Eason. “That demotivation, coupled with a side of frustration from not getting the results they want quickly enough, can often be the dumbbell that broke the camel’s back for consumers – leading many to abandon their New Year’s Resolutions by mid-month.”

How did Gold’s arrive at the date of February 18? Easy. They simply researched all of their member check-in data for the last four years from Gold’s Gym locations across the country – more than 400 clubs in the U.S. – and tracked the numbers. The drop-off in check-ins starts around February 12 and continues until February 18 when, like lemmings - and driven by some inexplicable aversion to exercise – people start migrating away from the gym and regressing back to their former inactive lifestyles only to repeat the same behavior next year.

Of course, a simple solution for those who have a little more stick-to-itiveness than the average person, why not mark February 19 on your calendar as your personal Fitness Cliff? That way you will miss the free fall. And, after all, why be like everyone else? Then, on February 19, mark February 20 as your new personal Fitness Cliff, and so forth. Each day that you extend your “cliff” by one day you will get that much closer to realizing your goals and accomplishing your resolutions. It’s a lot further to get to the top from the bottom of the cliff than it is if you just keep on climbing.

Finally, for members that feel they are at-risk of “falling off the cliff,” Gold’s Gym is opening its doors free to the public on the day of the Fitness Cliff (February 18th) and encouraging consumers to renew the fitness resolutions they made in the new year through this free day of fitness. As part of the day, Gold’s Gym will mobilize its staff nationwide – encouraging consumers to come in for a free fitness consultation with a certified personal trainer who can help them refocus on making their New Year’s Resolution a reality in 2014. For more information on the upcoming Fitness Cliff, visit

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