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Will you be ready to answer the call?

It’s not about the bullying any more, it’s about the constant attack and threat of negative and hurtful posts and comments that people make every day. Will you answer the call and take a stand against negativity?

Be the difference today.  Answer the call to delete negativity online.

Everyday we are faced with choices. These choices reflect who we are and what we stand for. It doesn't matter how old or young you are, we have to be accountable for the choices we make.

If a parent chooses to give their eight year-old child a mobile phone with the ability to text or they have their tablet and are sending emails or playing on social media apps or sites, are they familiar with digital manners?

Digital citizenship is an important part of parenting, just as potty training is. In today's virtual world, it is crucial your child be raised empathy for others that will be carried into their cyberspace.

#iCANHELP Campaign challenges us to delete negativity on social media. In their recent video they ask, "will you answer the call?"

Are you prepared to be an up-stander?

  1. Stop untrue or harmful messages from spreading: If someone tells you a rumor that you know is untrue or sends you a message that is hurtful to someone else, don’t laugh, send the message to other friends or add to the story. Make it clear that you do not think that kind of behavior is “cool” or funny.
  2. Help others who are being bullied: Be a friend, even if this person is not yet your friend. Send them a message or go up to them at school and let them know how you think they are feeling. Help them talk to an adult about what has happened.
  3. Report what’s going on: For example, you can click the “Report” button on a social networking site when you see someone harassing or attacking someone else.
  4. Refuse to be a passive bystander: Tell those that are laughing with the bully that they are a part of the problem. Let them know that by laughing they are also bullying the victim.
  5. Understand why people bully: To learn more about this, visit and


Remember, keystrokes counts, words matter -- use them with care.

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