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Will you be able to afford to live?

Food prices skyrocket.
Food prices skyrocket.
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"Under my plan, energy costs will necessarily skyrocket." Barack Obama uttered these words in a candid moment while speaking to reporters in 2008. But he failed to include food, over the counter drugs, coffee, milk, and a host of other necessities for survival.

The question, however, is, will you, the average American, be able to afford to live once the increases cross the threshold into unaffordability. Wages have been stagnant in this, the weakest so-called recovery in U.S. history. But prices are skyrocketing for those items that are needed to sustain life. What happens, then, when you can no longer afford them? When you can't afford to live, what will you do?

For example, Zero Hedge is reporting that food prices alone have risen by 14 percent since January of this year. Yes, you read that right. Food has gone up by 14 percent in roughly six months. What happens, then, if this trajectory continues throughout the rest of the year? Could you survive if food prices at the end of 2014 show an increase at an annual rate of 28 percent?

But we are nowhere near being through with this. The figures above are for food alone. Once gasoline, oil, natural gas, electricity, coal, drugs, coffee, milk, and other items are added in, a catastrophe of historic proportions will be inevitable. Most people will not be able to afford to live.

A large part of the problem is government policy. Conservatives have long warned that there are certain policies the government can implement in the name of "helping people" that result in crippling inflation. And, since this administration is well set in a philosophy that maintains that all good crises must not go to waste, the government has a plan concerning what to do with the suffering masses once they cannot afford to live.

For example, if gasoline heads back upward to $4 per gallon, Americans have shown in the past that this is the threshold that will culminate in the parking of their cars and trucks. They turn to motorcycles, Mopeds, and the like, as they did in 2007 - 2008. But what if gasoline skyrockets to $6 per gallon or more? Such a scenario would place an incredible burden on the auto industry, sending the price of autos skyrocketing as well. But do not forget that petroleum is used to make so many products Americans use to survive that all of those items will skyrocket as well -- items such as umbrellas, drugs, tires, computers, cell phones, shoes, clothing, televisions, and on and on we could go.

Many conservative economists warn that the extremist collectivists of the Democratic Party and the Washington establishment, along with the United Nations, want to use these economic catastrophes to force Americans out of rural areas into massive urban centers, or the large cities, where they can walk to work and get a myriad of government handouts that are readily available in the large cities. And what do they intend to do with the rural land that Americans have abandoned? Take a tour of the U.N.'s Agenda 21 and you will find at least part of the answer.

Within the large cities the masses are much easier to control. Martial law can effectively rob citizens of their firearms. Demonstrations against government policies can be easily and quickly squelched. And of course, the government healthcare system will decide whether or not you need treatment, including whether or not you need to be allowed to die. Add to all of this the plan floated by Obama and certain Democrats that Americans be charged a per mile tax for driving their vehicles. That is enough to keep most Americans out of their cars, unable to move around, and thus sitting ducks for the government leviathans.

Are these concepts too far fetched for your mind to grasp or accept? Don't take my word for it. Read the extensive writings of social engineers such as Jon Holdren, Cass Sunstein, and Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, and you will find confirmation of all that I have reported here. And remember that all of these have served in the Obama administration.

The goal of the collectivist progressives is population control. And they will do all they can to promote a series of policies that will eventually make it infinitely easier to control American citizens, including making sure that for us peons of the populace it is much too expensive to live. It is then that the weaker among us will go running to the government teat.

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