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"Will you also go away?"

After claiming to be the bread of life, and saying that no one can come to him unless God the Father draw him, Jesus then asked his disciples if they would also go away. Peter replied, "To whom shall we go? We know that you have the words of eternal life, and that you are the Christ, the Son of the living God."

If we have ever been supernaturally drawn to follow Jesus Christ, we have gone away from him. Hopefully for only a few minutes as we plotted revenge, got impatient, rude, etc. But many, including myself, have turned our backs on Jesus Christ for several years. In my case it was certainly not intelligence or great character that drew me back, but only the great mercy of God. He got my attention through many car wreaks.

Jesus Christ has the words of eternal life, as Peter proclaimed in John chapter 6. No matter how discouraged the Christian may get, and I have been more than a little discouraged many times, I know that no words or thoughts are one billionth as true or as important that the words of Jesus. So I keep picking myself up and repenting and returning to follow him.

That means studying the Bible, praying to understand and to apply it, praying that the Holy Spirit guide me in specific ways throughout each day. I regret that does not mean that I am locked into the will of God, for because if my human nature that remains, I must repent daily. My wife thinks I should repent more that I do. I am sure she is right, and I am consciously trying to be more repentant.

Until we die, the Christian has both the human nature and the nature of God within us, and we have a constant civil war inside of us, as someone said. The unconverted has only one nature, and merely a conscience and external social pressure. But all Christians can testify that we have the holy a spirit within, to give us peace when we honor Jesus Christ, and great lack of peace when we do not.

Peter later deserted Jesus when his Lord was arrested. Yet he repented with great grief to become his faithful follower again. History tells us that he was crucified upside down, since he did not consider himself worthy to be hung in the same matter that Jesus was murdered. In the remarks that followed the story about the suicide of the comedian Robin Williams, someone wrote that if he were Christian this would not have happened. I do not know his spiritual condition, but I do know it is possible to be Christian and in deep agony. I know it is possible to turn away from the words of eternal life, even after we become friends with the TriuneGod. But I pray either we become friends with Jesus Christ, or that we deepen our friendship with him, through whom all things were made, and who is coming back as the judge of all the earth.

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