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Will we get a start menu for Windows 8.1?

Is this the new start menu?
Is this the new start menu?

According to a newly leak image that appeared on My Digital Life Forums this morning it seems that Redmond-based Microsoft is one step closer to keeping a promise made back in April. The promise, made at the build conference in San Francisco, was that Windows 8.1 would be getting a start menu similar to the ones we have grown accustom to using on all the former Windows operating systems. Just will they will be delivering a new update to give us this new start menu is currently unknown.

On October 26, 2012 Microsoft released their latest operating system, Windows 8. The operating system was not received well with users complaining that the new OS was too radically different, that is built to be used with touch screens that most laptops and desktops do not have and that is was too hard to navigate. The Redmond-based giant listened and slowly started coming out with changes.

6 months after Windows 8 came out the rumors of a major update, code named “Windows blue”, started swirling around the web. The following month Microsoft finally announced that indeed they did have a Windows 8.1 upgrade in the works that would be free to current Windows 8 users. On August 14. 2013 the Redmond company announced that starting on October 17, 2013, almost a year later, we would be able to download the free upgrade from the Windows app store. That upgrade did fix many of the complaints by letting use boot directly to a more familiar desktop, a start button on the task bar, better navigability and many more cosmetic fixes.

The next of these changes came on April 8, 2014 when Microsoft gave us a major update to Windows 8.1 that added the familiar ' x' button for all apps and icons for open apps to the task bar. This did address some more of our complaints but we still wanted our start menu back. Maybe on the first anniversary of Windows 8.1 we will get the start menu.

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