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Will Washington hear the message from the Cantor defeat?

Voters send a message to the establishment on amnesty by retiring Cantor in the GOP primary

As Rush Limbaugh pointed out on his radio broadcast today, there has never been as much of a divide between the Ruling Class that is running this country and the people of this country, often referred to as the Country Class, than there is right now. For the elite ruling class in Washington D.C. it seems that their highest priority is passing what they call “comprehensive immigration reform” which is really amnesty. Yet at the same time, poll after poll, including the skewed polls, of the American people show that any reference to “immigration reform” is among the lowest priorities, in small single digits.

While the ruling class is adamant in imposing amnesty on the country, the vast majority of the people in this country know how detrimental amnesty would be and for that reason are opposed to it. There is still the idea out there that the fix is in, and amnesty will be passed in Congress by Democrats and progressive Republicans despite the defeat of Eric Cantor. As has been stated so many times in this column, the primary reasons for such adamant support for amnesty is the fact that Democrats believe most legalized illegal aliens will vote for Democrats while progressive Republicans want the cheap labor for their friends in Big Business. The fact that the Chamber of Commerce has become just as pro-amnesty as the far left, in part, proves this. Even the liberal Politico called amnesty an “electoral bonanza” for the Democrat Party.

Eric Cantor was once elected a Republican who believed in most Republican (conservative) principles, and somewhere along the way while spending too much time inside the Washington D.C. belt-way and moving up in GOP leadership in the House, Eric Cantor came to speak like, vote like, and act in the interests of the Ruling Class far more than standing up for the interests of the Country Class. The main issue he was completely out of touch on is the issue of immigration and amnesty. Economics professor Dave Brat challenged Cantor, and in great part differentiated himself vs. Cantor on the immigration/amnesty issue. He specifically called out Cantor for his support for amnesty. Cantor thought he was slick and during this campaign claimed he was against amnesty, but his years of pushing to pass it Congress proved his actions spoke louder than his empty campaign season words. The voters clearly understood it, and 55 percent stood against amnesty and voted for Dave Brat.

The message is clear, the people are opposed to amnesty while the out of touch ruling elites insist on imposing amnesty on the country. The message of the Cantor defeat is quite simple and clear: NO Amnesty. The only question now is, will the Ruling Class elites in Washington and their willing accomplices in the “mainstream” media hear the message? My guess is they aren't hearing it and they don't get it. We the people need to repeat the message across the country in November. Then, and only then, they might get it.

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