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Will Twitter allow Vine replies?

Facebook is introducing image commenting, so will Twitter respond using Vine in some way?
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Today, Facebook began rolling out the ability to integrate images into a comment, along with text. As if frowny faces and snarky comments weren't enough, now prepare to see Grumpy Cat memes under your posts.

How will Twitter respond?

Bold prediction: Twitter will allow users to @ reply with a fully-functional Vine embedded in the reply.

Here are a few reasons why this might happen:

1. Vine hinted about updates yesterday in a blog post:

This is just the beginning. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be introducing some exciting new parts of Vine.

2. Vine has only been live for five months, but has already seen tremendous growth and popularity due to their association with Twitter. They probably should continue to see how far people are willing to integrate the service.

3. Facebook will only allow still images, not animated gifs. Twitter could use Vine to differentiate and expand the service.

4. Facebook's image comments are only available on the web or mobile browsers. Could Twitter bake it into the iOS and Android apps first?

Do you want the ability to use a picture (or a gif) to say a thousand words in a reply? Would using animated gifs on Twitter be an attractive option to using still images on Facebook? Your thoughts are welcome in the comments below.


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