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Will This be your marathon year? Consider this first

Is this the year? If you’re considering running a marathon this year, there are some things you should plan for. First, let me congratulate you on even thinking about running 26.2 miles. That in itself is the first step! If you decide, “yes, this is the year I’m knocking the marathon off my bucket list,” then listen up!

These are the “marathon essentials.” Give yourself four months to prepare. This is the average time it takes for a runner to get in marathon shape, so make sure you have enough time before registering. Know what this means: you’ll probably have to change up your weekend routine—if you have weddings or vacations coming up, choose a four month period where going out won’t be such an issue. That way, you can fully commit yourself to training.

Make sure you have a support system. Training for a marathon takes a lot, and you need people on board with you that understand the training commitment level involved. Have a running plan, or even better, a running coach. It’s best to have a professional giving you feedback and structure.

You can find local coaches online. Don’t want to pay for one? Sign up for a running group instead. Lastly, have the right gear. That means a proper pair of running shoes, and non-cotton workout clothes that won’t make you chafe. Once you have these things, go forth and train with confidence!

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