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Will this be the first year you keep your New Year's Resolution to be fit?

The road to change starts with one step
The road to change starts with one step aarmono/393650534/

When it comes to resolutions, being fit is at the top of the list. Unfortunately, very few people make this resolutions a reality.  Why is it so hard to stay on the fitness straight and narrow?  

First of all cut yourself some slack. Change does not take place over night. It takes time to make a lasting change–around 30 days to be exact. Your brain must be retrained to hold on to a new pattern of behavior. You must experience about 30 days of breaking existing conditioning for the desired effect to truly take place. Plus, meaningful change takes planning.  Planning involves specific

Consider a goal that you have for 2010.  Use the following steps in the next few weeks to help you achieve it.

1) State in very specific terms what your goal is and write it down.
I want to reduce my BMI (body mass index) four points.

2) Visualize what it would feel like to achieve the goal. Think about how it would change your life, your interactions with others. Simply, how it would feel.
I can fit into my favorite jeans. I can play baseball with my grandchildren. I can walk up a flight of steps without difficulty.

3) Come up with a systematic plan to achieve your goals. Give yourself 30 days to fully implement the plan and a reasonable amount of time to achieve your goals.
I will hire a trainer. This will include both cardiovascular and resistence exercise. I will monitor my progress once a week.

This can be your year. It can be a year of a lifetime. 


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