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Will there ever be new film for Polaroid cameras?

The Impossible Project
The Impossible Project

Today, Massachusetts based technology blog Design Melodrama revealed news about 'The Impossible Project.' The Impossible Project is an organization that was working to restore instant Polaroid films. They bought over Polaroid's instant film division in Netherlands and decided to restore old Polaroid films. It was a very innovative idea and if you logged on to their site, you would see that they had '31.536.000 seconds to re-invent the world of photography.' They had given themselves this challenge and were going to reveal their technology to the world at an event in New York next month but Design Melodrama reports that this may not be happening anymore. Design Melodrama states that, "Today, I received news from 'The Impossible Project' Press Relations department that the project may be put on hold for some time. Next month 'The Impossible Project' was going to showcase it's work in New York but now due to recent developments this may not happen."

Today, in a Press Release 'The Impossible Project' revealed that:

Press Release __ The Impossible Project__8 February 2010

Will there ever be new film for Polaroid cameras?
Impossible encounters a delay in reviving production of analog Instant Film

In 2008 when Polaroid surprisingly discontinued production of Instant Film for traditional Polaroid cameras, analog Instant Photography seemed to be doomed. The Impossible Project saved the last Instant Film Production plant in Enschede (NL), taking on the task of re-inventing analog integral film. Since 1972, integral film production has followed the same recipe. In order to carry instant film production into the 21st century, Impossible had to find new solutions for replacing and upgrading problematic or unavailable components.

Bringing back Instant Film is an intricate process. On the weekend of February 6th Impossible encountered an unexpected problem with one of the components vital for production. This undesireable fact is now engaging all of the Impossible team's attention and is forcing a rescheduling of the project's timetable. As such, the NYC press event on 22nd February has to be postponed. The Project leader's Florian Kaps and André Bosman must give themselves one more month to cope with the Impossible. On

22nd MARCH 2010 - they will disclose whether or not their Impossible Project will be possible. At that time, they will present the status of their work, their plans and the products publicly in New York. Details and invitations to the press event will follow. There will be a video of the presentation in New York, and a comprehensive media kit will be available worldwide.

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  • Brandy Tanner 5 years ago

    I still have my Polaroid camera, curious to see how this project goes! Thanks for sharing it!