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Will there be mail delivery and trash pickup on the Fourth of July

A automated trash hauler picks up trash in Rochester Hills, Michigan.
A automated trash hauler picks up trash in Rochester Hills, Michigan.Richard Weaver/

The United States will celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence from English on Friday, July 4, 2014. Many businesses will be closing for the day so employees can enjoy some of Michigan’s beautiful summertime weather on a long three-day weekend. This includes most offices and virtually all city, state and federal government offices.

However employees of the United States Post Office (USPS) and trash collectors in the City of Rochester Hills will not enjoy the extended time off. This is because employees of both entities will be working on Saturday

Those normally receiving trash pickup on Friday will have their garbage collected on Saturday.

The USPS office downtown will be open regular Saturday hours as letter carriers will make their rounds for home delivery.

Those interested in spending the holiday weekend in Canada will find all businesses open their regular hours through the Friday to Sunday period. Canada as Independence Day is not observed. Canadians had their holiday, Canada Day, on Monday, June 30.

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