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Will there be a third 'Sex and the City' movie installment?

Sarah Jessica Parker played Carrie Bradshaw in HBO's 'Sex and the City' television series and in the big screen film franchise.
Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images

It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since HBO’s hit New York-based single life series “Sex and the City” left the air. The big screen follow up films have been a big success and diehard fans often speculate on the possibility of a third installment in the movie franchise. On Feb. 19, writer-director-executive producer Michael Patrick King told “Entertainment Weekly” that he and series star Sarah Jessica Parker agree “there’s one story left.”

The critically acclaimed series won seven of its 54 Emmy nominations and eight of 24 Golden Globe nominations. It also made the prestigious list of “Time” magazine’s 100 Best TV Shows of All Time.

The love affair between viewers and their favorite SATC singles only deepened over the course of its six season run. Carrie Bradshaw’s sharp observations about dating, relationships and single life via her columns captivated loyal fans and she and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), Charlotte (Kristin Davis) and Samantha (Kim Cattrall) soon etched a permanent place in viewers’ hearts as well as pop culture and the television landscape.

Everything from the to-die-for fashion to the frank conversations about sex and/or lack thereof made this series utterly addictive. Like decadent chocolate or a fine glass of wine, their weekly Big Apple escapades became something to crave, experience and savor.

Of course, from the beginning the smart romantic series was funneling toward Carrie and Mr. Big's (Chris Noth) fairy tale ending. The tissue-worthy series finale brought the on-again, off-again lovers into each other’s arms at last. And, the first feature film installment in 2008 led us to their final “I do.” (And we learned Big’s name! John James Preston – how lovely is that?)

The second big screen installment in 2010 found each of the girls in a state of unrest with the men in their lives. Romance waned for Carrie and John and the girls all agreed to take an exotic trip to Abu Dhabi in which we’re treated to Carrie's rare and ultra-coincidental run-in with Aidan (John Corbett).

In May, it will be four years since SATC 2 hit theaters. The CW aired “The Carrie Diaries” prequel series for two seasons and while mostly well-received, it didn't satisfy the longing for our original foursome’s story to continue.

Michael Patrick King couldn't guarantee that there will be a third “Sex and the City” movie installment. But the fact that he believes there is still another story left to tell means that the idea of a third movie is not totally out of the question.

He said, “What I do know is that there’s interest, but with interest comes non-interest. It’s all really about the stories, and if you actually think you have something left to say that would make it exciting and worthwhile for the fans’ time, that’s really the question. Not whether you can get away with it, not whether anybody will buy it, not whether you can make money on it. It’s really like, is there enough or more to say that would justify people risking seeing their favorite characters again? And I think there’s one chapter left.”

"No guarantee" isn't a definite no. But, it’s far from a third film installment confirmation.

Judging by the level of “Sex and the City” social media enthusiasm that exists on Facebook and Tumblr a decade after the series ended; let’s enter a note to Michael Patrick King: If you film it, they will come.

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