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Will there be a George Zimmerman boxing match?

The celebrity boxing match featuring George Zimmerman is cancelled after promoter backs out.
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

A lot of hype surrounded a supposed celebrity boxing match between George Zimmerman and DMX earlier this week. On Feb. 10, TMZ reported the fight has been cancelled and promoter Damon Feldman has backed out.

Of a pool of 15,000 volunteers, media reports said that DMX had been picked to fight the notorious killer of Trayvon Martin. This ignited a firestorm of anger, both from those who wanted a piece of the action and others who wanted the fight cancelled and the "celebrity status" of George Zimmerman rebuked.

Although reports stated that DMX would be the one fighting Zimmerman, that was never official. Domenick Nati, public relations for DMX, told the Portland Celebrity Examiner that he was never signed on to the boxing match. He said, "DMX never agreed to a fight with George Zimmerman so the promoters are cancelling a fight that never existed. This so called celebrity boxing match is starting to appear as just a cruel ploy for attention."

That may just be the case too, as publicity surrounding the fight heightened on what would have been Trayvon Martin's nineteenth birthday. Feldman officially pulled out of promoting the fight citing threats against his family.

According to TMZ, Feldman began receiving threatening tweets. One of them allegedly said, "Somebody should kill Damon Feldman's son and ask him would he put his son's killer in a celebrity boxing match." That was enough to send the promoter packing.

Although again not official, the fight may still be on with a new promoter and a new format. According to owner Alki David, the fight is still on but without Damon Feldman, DMX or celebrity boxing.

Instead David says the fight will be set in a secret location and only available by pay-per-view. He said it would be more of a fight club style match and that there would be blood. The supposed opponent has not been announced at this time. This revised boxing match is set to happen on March 15.

Do you think, even without the "celebrity" title associated with this match, that it is appropriate to publicize and profit from a boxing match featuring George Zimmerman? Do you think it will even happen? Post your thoughts in the comments.

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