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Will The Undertaker retire following Wrestlemania 30 match with Brock Lesnar?

According to an Apr. 5 report from USA Today, The Undertaker puts his 21-bout win streak on the line against Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 30 in New Orleans.

Is it possible that Wrestlemania 30 will be The Undertaker's last ever Wrestlemania event?

Time will tell how the situation plays out, but it seems tonight would be the perfect opportunity for the WWE to send The Undertaker out with a bang.

The Undertaker could ride off into the proverbial sunset with a win over Lesnar and his win streak in tact, putting a cap on an amazing career with his 22nd Wrestlemania victory in a row.

The Undertaker recently turned 49 years old, and it's hard to see him wrestling for much longer. He'll be 50 by the time Wrestlemania 31 goes down, and 51 the following year. Father Time is starting to catch up with The Undertaker, so he'll need a strong performance from Lesnar to help carry the Wrestlemania 30 match.

Through the years, The Undertaker has suffered multiple injuries that prevent him from being a full-time performer.

The Undertaker only wrestles in the WWE these days during Wrestlemania season. The rest of the year, he watches from the sideline while resting his body up for the big show.

In all likelihood, the WWE will want to get one more Wrestlemania out of The Undertaker before having him hang up the gloves for good.

The Undertaker hasn't yet battled John Cena at Wrestlemania, so that would make for a nice bout at Wrestlemania 31 or 32.

Additionally, it would be great if the WWE could schedule The Undertaker to retire in his home state of Texas. With that said, perhaps The Undertaker's final bout will be at a Wrestlemania at Dallas Stadium in Dallas, Texas.

The WWE legitimately wants Lesnar to be the next big thing, but The Undertaker will most likely walk away from Wrestlemania 30 with his streak in tact and with at least one more Wrestlemania appearance left in him.

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