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Will "the Thrill" Lavine: "I really don't see it going the distance."

Will Lavine vs Matt Rosa

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On Saturday night from the Radisson Hotel & Convention Center as a part of ShoFIGHT Boiling Point & BRAWL INC SubZero, current BRAWL INC Lightweight Champion Will "the Thrill" Lavine will do battle with former ShoFIGHT Champion Matt Rosa for the Vacant ShoFIGHT Championship. The duel event will be LIVE around the WORLD on starting at 9pm EST!!

We had the chance to catch up with "the Thrill" before his highly anticipated fight this Saturday night. Here is what the BRAWL INC Champion had to say; How is training camp going for your fight this weekend with Matt Rosa?

"the Thrill": I'm having a great camp. I've been really working hard to become a complete fighter and my training partners have really pushed me. I feel that I'm at the top of my game for this fight. Considering he is a ex ShoFIGHT champ where do you feel a win over Rosa will put you in the landscape of MMA to start 2014?

"the Thrill": He is a top guy at 155 and has been for years. A win would definitely move me up the the rankings. At this point there are no easy fights so I just try and think one fight at a time. What do you know about Rosa? Is there any flaws you feel you can expose?

"the Thrill": I know he is very skilled on the ground. I really don't care where the fight goes. I have really been working over the last year to be able to fight with anyone anywhere. I feel great with my hands and I think I have an advantage there but if the fight goes to the mat I feel great there too. For fans who are not familiar with you, how would you describe your style of fighting?

"the Thrill": I really love to stand and throw punches. There is nothing like the feeling of landing a clean punch. However, most fights end up going to the ground and for the last six months I have really been pushing to become dangerous from any ground position too. I would like to have fans see my style as a well rounded fighter who can finish a fight on the feet or on the ground. Do you feel that all of the pressure is on you since you are the champion (BRAWL INC but it is not on the line) or do you believe the pressure falls on the Rosa since you are fighting for the vacant ShoFIGHT belt which he use to hold?

"the Thrill": This will be my third title fight and my ninth fight in less then a year so I am getting pretty comfortable in the cage. I don't really get too excited in there. I just go in and do what I've trained and plan on getting my hand raised. Do you represent a fight team? Also which fighters do you look up to for inspiration or admire?

"the Thrill": I fight with Team Outcast MMA from Independence Ks. I look up to my coach Joseph Fulk is an inspiration because the guy never stops. He really has taught me so much and I wouldn't be where I am today without him, my coaches and my teammates. My favorite fighter is Randy Couture. He fought at such a high level for so long at an old age for a fighter. He showed me that determination and work ethic can take a fighter a long way. Do you want to shout out any sponsors or anyone else?

"the Thrill": Yes, Richard Pereira my boxing coach. Curtis Stout my grappling instructor. Walkout Wear for fighting gear and Stacker Bottle. All my teammates, family and my favorite fan who always encourages me and keeps me motivated no matter what. Final question. What can fans in attendance & the fans watching around the WORLD LIVE on expect from you this Saturday night?

"the Thrill": They will see me in the best shape yet and the most determined I've ever been. They will also hopefully get to see a few new techniques I've been working on. However this fight goes it's going to be a good one. I really don't see it going the distance.

Tickets for this event start at $25 and are available at but if you can't be Radisson Hotel & Convention center in Branson, MO, fear not, you can still watch this entire event, from start to finish, LIVE from anywhere in the WORLD on! The event starts at 9pm EST but if you miss any of the action you can re watch for LIFE on GFL OnDemand once you order the event!!

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