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Will the Real Michael Jackson Please Stand Up


Artist Mark Cottman, honors the King of Pop, poses with Jackson imitator, Larry Lancaster 3rd.
Oswald S. Copeland
Mark Cottman's interpretation of Man on the Moon (MJ)
Mark Cottman

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8...tum, tum, tum tum. Say that loud several times in rhythm, followed by the organ sounds of doop, doop! What do you get? The beginnings of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean.

I’m in South Baltimore, and I’m hearing the same sound; it is a Michael Jackson event. Minutes later I am talking to Michael Jackson, but he is not dancing, he is a civil servant with the State government.

More of the curious, are coming through the door, as several familiar selections of Michael’s followed one after another. And then, in he came, dressed in Black, hat, sequined gloves, and spats. Shortly thereafter he was announced. His hands flayed, his body torqued, his feet scribbled messages on the shiny hardwood floor, he was Baltimore’s Michael Jackson!

The re-enactment was applauded by all present. Larry Lancaster 3rd (his father is Baltimore’s famous comedian Larry Lancaster), was accompanied by his mother Andrea Better (see video).

This all took place at the Mark Cottman Gallery. Mark, one of Baltimore's premier African American artists, is looking at the "real" Michael, past, present and future. We have until March 2nd to decide which epoch of Michael you may want standing up! In your home.

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