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Will the real food please stand up

GMO food - friend or foe?
GMO food - friend or foe?

At first I paid no mind. I think I was really too young to notice. Tomatoes it was when it first caught my attention. They had been crossed. My mother explained to me that meant that the tomatoes were more resistant to disease. Or something. Or that they were better somehow. That was enough to satisfy my curiosity then.

Now, I need answers. The White House has been very busy these past weeks trying to push GMO or genetically modified foods at an alarming pace. Approval does not equal safety. To my knowledge there have been no long term health studies on GMO food products. This means no one knows how this will impact public health and I suspect that the impact will be negative.

Several countries have banned food imports from the U.S. for this reason. In the previous decade, farmers sued a large GMO corp because their livestock would spontaneously abort and become infertile after being fed a diet of GMO feed. Presently, GMO food products have introduced a novel pathogen, deadly to crops, that no one knows how to treat. On top of that, do vegeteables, fruits, and animals really need a patent?

Who benefits from this? Surely not the American public. Over the past few months I have signed petition after petition. I shop locally, but am now concerned that Alabama farmers' produce may be GMO/cross contaminated. We must join together to put a stop to this. The state of Alabama has deep agrarian roots. Why the loud silence on this issue?