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Will the pope bless Spring Breakers?

We have a new pope. We also have a controversial new movie opening this weekend called Spring Breakers. What will the pope think of Spring Breakers with its stars Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgen? The answer might surprise you.

Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina emerged wearing white and has taken the name Francis the first. He has a reputation of conservatism, however he has demonstrated a profound love of the poor. He has given up a palace to live in a small apartment where he cooked his own food.

Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers dresses its young starts in bikinis as they go on a drug-filled crime spree through Florida. Selena plays a young woman named Faith who accompanies her fellow Spring Breakers, but according to reports, she leaves them before things get too serious.

There is a report of the Pope washing the feet of AIDS patients while he was serving in Argentina. He has welcomed all into the pews and literally practices what he preaches. His namesake, St Francis, was also renown for his outreach to people of all walks of life.

Perhaps the Pope through his outreach to youth and his own example can help those on spring break to regain their faith.

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