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Will The New Slate of Super Hero Movies Hit The Mark Or Jump The Shark

Fans still tugging at their hair from the announcement that Ben Affleck will be Batman in the Man of Steel sequel, are now banging their heads against the wall upon the news that Zombieland's Jesse Eisenberg will be playing Lex Luthor in the film. To say that this was an odd bit of casting would be like saying that Doomsday has a slight control issue. So which Luthor will Eisenberg portray? The mad scientist Luthor or the ruthless businessman?

Ultimate Fantastic Four Cast Set
Marvel Comics

Rumor has it that Eisenberg's Luthor will be a sort of power mad nerd— think a mad and twisted Mark Zuckerberg. Somehow that just doesn't ring right to me— call me a purist. I think it would have been cool to cast actor Clancy Brown (the man who's voiced Lex for years in the various WB animated shows) as everyone's favorite mad-tycoon. He know the character and he's not exactly a 98 pound weakling. Jeremy Irons joins the cast as Alfred, Batman's right hand man and butler as well as actress Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Since DC's hero flicks have been hit and miss of late, fans are biting their nails hoping that Batman vs Superman doesn't set the franchise back the way Batman and Robin did for the Batman franchise back in the 90's.

In other hero news, the cast of the Fantastic Four reboot has finally been announced, and again one wonders what Hollywood was thinking. The new FF will be based on Marvel's Ultimate Fantastic Four... okay, so far not so bad, even though most fans had their hearts set on seeing classic FF done right, this time. The kink comes in the casting of African American actor Jamie Bell as The Human Torch. In the comics Johnny Storm (aka The Human Torch) is the brother of Sue Storm, The Invisible Woman. In this new incarnation it's unclear if the Torch and Sue are related— if so, they then one is obviously adopted.

On the surface one might say, so what... but for a lot of comic book purists out there, it just doesn't sit right. Many purists that I've heard expound on the subject (just walk into any comic book store and you can't misss them yapping away) make the case— would it be okay to recast black comic book characters such as Storm, The Black Panther, Blade or Luke Cage as Asians, whites or latinos? It just wouldn't be them if they did. I hate to admit it, but they have a point. Rounding out the cast are Kate Mara as the Invisible Woman, Michael B. Jordan as the Thing and Miles Teller as Mr. Fantastic. As for the villain, rumor has it that Dr. Doom will be the film's baddie— and be a woman!

Another Marvel hero that's going to be making his way to the big screen is Ant-Man— Yep, Ant-Man. Not exactly one of Marvel's A-list heroes, Ant-Man will be played by Paul Rudd (Anchorman 2). Rudd will be playing Scott Lang (the second Ant-Man). Rudd known for more comedic roles, makes one wonder if Ant-Man will be played for laughs, and not so much as an action-film. Rounding out the cast is Michael Douglas as Hank Pym (the original Ant-Man in the comics) and creator of the Pym Particle (the sub-atomic particle that shrinks people down to ant size). Comedic director Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead) will be directing, so any thoughts that this might be a movie more in line with Marvel's Avengers... keep dreaming.

One wonders if they do play this film for laughs and or very campy, and it bombs will this kill the chances for the character to play a role in Avengers 3. According to Avengers:Age of Ultron director Joss Whedon, plans for the tiny hero and his lady love, the Wasp, are already in motion to appear in Avengers 3 along with a cameo from The Guardians of the Galaxy, who appear in their own flick this summer. Another big risk for Marvel because the Guardians aren't exactly "A" list heroes either.

What do you think? Will the upcoming wave of super hero flicks be up to snuff or just fizzle out? Let us know what you think.

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