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Will the mysterious Apple iWatch be the craze in wearable technology

While many media outlets are reporting that sometime later this year we will see the new Apple iWatch hit the market, no one really knows much about the new device.

About the only thing that everyone can agree on is that the new Apple device will be something you wear.

Earlier this week Mashable reported that the new Apple iWatch will soon go into production with an October release. In that article the new iWatch looked something like a bracelet.

In guessing what the iWatch looks like, MacRumors favors a traditional wrist watch design with a roughly 2.5 inch display.

While the current consensus is a device with a 2.5 inch display, there are many rumors of Apple working on multiple iWatch sizes.

The attached video shows different possible renditions of what the iWatch may look like, we would put an emphasis on the words possible renditions. None of the reported information is coming directly from Apple.

While some media outlets are struggling to describe the design of the new iWatch, others hesitate to even give the new device a name as the states "Apple's smartwatch reportedly launching this fall" never using the term iWatch in the article.

Is iWatch a primarily a smart watch or a fitness device?

Reports on the use of professional athletes in testing suggest that the iWatch could be sold as a tracking and diagnostics tool for professional athletes as well as amateur fitness enthusiasts.

But will the iWatch be more than a standard smart watch? Has anyone really clearly defined the smart watch, or does everyone have an idea of a smart watch based on the current Samsung Galaxy Gear?

How much will the iWatch cost?

There has been nothing specific from Apple on cost. Current speculation suggests the price of the new iWatch could start at around $350, but there are also predictions of much higher prices, possibly more than $1000.

The Apple marketing plan

Just enough information been leaked on the new iWatch, with very little specifics, to create a buzz of anticipation. Does the Apple brand still have enough of a following that Apple fanatics will start their "I want one" dreaming?

Time will tell if the Apple iWatch be the craze that helps to define wearable technology, or the next forgotten failure like the Apple Newton.


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